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Pivot+design is no longer in operation. We suggest visiting Unbranded Space for your web design needs.

We produce our best work when we get inspired by our clients. The way we get inspired is to talk to you to learn about your business and also your ambition and aspiration about where you want your business to be.

At pivotplusdesign our 3 word mantra is "Integrity, Quality and Originality". In Integrity we are honest and open about expectations and how we aim to achieve your vision and goals. Quality is manifest in every aspect of our work, from the excellence of our designs, through to currency in compliance with web and other operational standards. Originality is what flows through our blood and we aim to make every design unique without compromising on standards.

The service we offer is a tailored approach where we aim to meet your aspirational needs but one that does not ignore your budget. Our services are explained in more detail below. If you have any questions, then please contact us. We would love to hear from you and be given the opportunity to discuss how our services can benefit your business.

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Web Design & Development

Every business is different, and this means the approach to promoting, managing or selling on-line is also different. At pivotplusdesign we take a unique approach with every client, because there is no single approach that fits everybody.

Do you want to update the site yourself?

A Content Management System (CMS) is ideal for this purpose. We recommend Wordpress as it is the worlds most popular CMS and has an amazing array of features. It allows complete control over your site, allowing you to create and edit, but also giving you an astounding range of tools for enhancing your sites appearance and performance.

We are flexible in how we deliver Wordpress to you. We can provide a basic solution, leaving you to take control of the software to do with as you please. Alternately we can design & and build your site for you, leaving you just to update the content. Finally we can integrate Wordpress into a comprehensive identity and marketing strategy, managing all aspects of it in consultation with you, but leaving you free to focus on other areas of your business.

Already have a Wordpress site? Are you getting the support to ensure you have security updates and backups as well as Search Engine Optimisation, or have you just been left out in the cold by your web designer/developer? All of our wordpress solutions offer support and add-on services.

Do you or are you planning to sell on-line?

If you are selling on-line you might need a shopping cart which is fully integrated with a Blog, CMS & Social Media. We can assist in setting up a pay as you go e-commerce system such as Shopify, or we also have pay up-front self-hosted solutions, providing you with more independence.

Is your site responsive to modern browsers and mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Responsive design is about ensuring that your site is optimised for modern browsers and devices such as mobiles phones, tablets, desktop computers and other devices which can be used to browse the web. Our web design process embraces responsive design as a core requirment of every site we make. Google now penalises the search ranking of sites which are not mobile ready, so you really can't afford to work with a web designer unless they truly understand how responsive design works.

Have you had a website built, but are now left "Out in the Cold"?

Even the simplest website is just an overpriced advert if it isn't followed up with a strategy for getting it visible to others on the web. We offer individualised solutions on how to integrate your website, Social Media and Email to create a comprehensive Marketing strategy for your business?

What do you know about web hosting?

Probably not much, and that is OK as long as you have trust in the company providing your hosting. When purchasing hosting many compare a few simple statistics such as the amount of data storage and bandwidth. However there is a lot more to it than that, and we have researched extensively to established partnerships with companies from Australia and overseas so that we can provide a quality hosting service. We offer fast and reliable hosting options with comprehensive tools to ensure your site performs at its best. Tell us about your website requirements and we can provide you with a quote on a hosting package which best matches your needs.

These are only some of the questions we consider when discussing your website needs. We will work with your budget to maximise the potential outcomes for your business. Contact Us to find out how we can create or enhance your on-line identity.

Web Services At a Glance 

  • Simple Promotional Sites
  • Wordpress sites allowing you to create and edit your own content
  • E-Commerce packages - Shopify or self-hosted
  • Custom web application development
  • Rich-content sites for unique and distinctive branding
  • World class data centres for Hosting your site in Australia, USA, Europe or Asia
  • Competitive Pricing on any type of Domain Name
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Graphic Design

The team at pivotplusdesign have years of training and experience as artists and designers. This allows us to provide highly creative outcomes with a strong underlying sense of design. We can design individual promotional items such as brochures, logos or flyers through to creating a completely integrated identity across both print and digital mediums.

Contact us to find out more or discuss with us your Graphic Design requirements.

Graphic Design Services At a Glance 

  • Logo Design & Branding
  • Product Packaging
  • Flyers / Brochures / Posters
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Identity & Marketing

The image of your business should not only be appealing, but should also say something about who you are. You want to try to achieve an image that provides quick recognition allowing you to stand out from your competitors. Developing a brand identity will enable you to do these things and pivotplusdesign are here to make it happen for you.

A strong identity is only half of the story. Making people aware of your identity and associating your products and services with that identity is the next step. At pivotplusdesign we will work with you to develop a marketing plan that is appropriate to your budget. Our services are scalable where you can maintain a steady marketing campaign, but also give it a boost to take advantage of peak periods relevant to your business.

We have experience with a number of industries including hospitality, tourism, retail, agriculture, heavy industry, construction, security, professional consultants and music & Arts promotion. We also love learning about new areas of industry, so on those occasions where we might lack knowledge about your area we will more than make up for in enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn. Contact us to discover how we can create or enhance your identity and develop a successful marketing strategy

Identity & Marketing Services At a Glance 

  • Marketing strategy consultation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Promotional Print Material
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Other Services

Although only a small team, pivotplusdesign have a very large array of skills and knowledge. The digital landscape evolves quickly, so you need a team working with you who are evolving with it. We love to learn about things, and get excited by any technology which might enhance our clients or our own business. For our clients this means that we can offer a broad range of services, but also that they have a team working with them who are keeping up to date with developments which might impact on their business

Do you have an idea for something different?

Maybe we can help market your idea, or possibly even help you build it.

We have been able to create some truly unique projects working in partnership with our clients over the years and look forward to new opportunities to continue to innovate. We would love you to tell us about your idea and discuss ways in which we can assist.

Other Services At a Glance 

  • 3D Visualisation Services (ie. Product/Architectural Viz.)
  • Instructional Design Services ie. training resource development, interactive learning
  • Application Development (Desktop / Mobile )
  • VR (Virtual Reality) development. ie. simulations, training & games. We have just started exploring this technology and are looking for partners to help us expand into this area.

Do You Own a Small Business?

We Do.

Paul & Deborah own pivotplusdesign and like most small business owners, they are aware of how difficult in can be to balance sales, quality service, staff, book-keeping, marketing and all of the other aspects of running a successful business (Oh! and having a life fits in there somewhere as well).

Marketing often sits as one of the least favourite parts of what must be done to run a successful business. Marketing can be off-putting because many feel uncomfortable about how to go about it. Creating a business identity can feel like an excess or luxury. People often think that it is either something that only larger business or companies can afford to do or something that they will get around to when they have time. Either way having a strong business identity can seem unattainable.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Paul & Deborah believe that an identity is essential, and it is attainable for every business. They love working with people to learn about their business. In doing so, they can help your business develop an identity that feels natural and authentic to you and also has strong appeal to your customers.

If you would like to know more about how Paul & Deborah do things, then why not follow pivotplusdesign on Facebook.

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About Us

Pivotplusdesign is a creative agency based in Albany, Western Australia. We have been producing websites, graphic designs, and many other innovative creations for well over 15 years.

The 'pivot' partnership are husband and wife team Paul Kelly and Deborah Mulvey. They came together through a shared passion - studying visual art. They have both pursued careers which involved them in creating visual imagery, and eventually they both ended up teaching in Visual Art and Design. As designers and educators, they have shared their passion for creative expression not only with their clients, but with their students many of whom have also become artists or designers. Now focusing on client work, pivotplusdesign is Paul & Deborah’s digital creative business.


The fact that no one has done it before is not a warning to sit with the crowd in silence, but rather an invitation to get up and dance.

Paul thrives on challenges that take him to new digital realms. At a young age he discovered the creative potential of digital technology and got hooked on the hard-stuff - art and coding. As far back as owning a Commodore64, Paul was creating pixel/ASCII art and programming simple games.

Later on Paul studied Visual Art, and although he loves working with physical media such as charcoal, pencils & paint, the lure of digital creation is what kept pulling him in. Over the years he has created animations, 3D digital art, and photo-composite work.

For more than 15 years Paul has been working with pivotplusdesign as his professional outlet for marrying visual creativity and programming. He has combined these areas to create countless website, and also innovative applications where often all of his skills in photography, animation, 3D modelling, visual design and programming come into play.

Paul discovered design many years ago and has been an avid student ever since. For Paul, design is a philosophy rooted in discipline. It has allowed him to take his creative energy and provide it with focus and purpose. Creating the best possible product while achieving his clients goals is what inspires Paul every day.


Where others will see nothing, Deborah observes, experiments and then unlocks the creative potential in even the most mundane things.

Deborah at her core is an artist. She has studied fashion design, Visual Arts and Graphic Design and continues to create in all of these areas. She has exhibited and had commercial success with her art, selling paintings and textile/sculptural works.

As a designer and design teacher, Deborah has become fascinated with typography. It goes back to seeing the potential in what other people see as mundane, however Deborah would argue that working with text is far from mundane and sees it as an acquired passion. Deborah’s love of type has made her eagle eyed when it comes to design. As a teacher, her students were often amazed at how she was able to spot a piece of misaligned text from a distance and at a single glance.

Deborah has recently expanded her area of knowledge into social marketing, and now engages with clients in developing strategies for increasing their customer/audience base. Combining marketing and visual design allows Deb to provide clients with a competitive edge, as these two disciplines work best when developed in awareness of each other.

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What's In a Name?

Why pivotplusdesign ?

For us 'pivot' means transformation. In digital space the pivot point (often represented by a plus symbol) is the point by which an object can be rotated, moved or scaled. Often this point will be located in the centre of an object, however radical transformations can take place by relocating the pivot point in relation to an object. By moving a pivot point outside of an object, rotation becomes orbit. A planet will rotate around it's axis, however the same planet may also orbit around a star, in both cases a point of transformation exists - a pivot point. We love how such a simple word can describe something with such transformational potential.

This idea of transformation underpins our creative philosophy and our approach to our work. Visual transformation is at the core of what we do. We take an idea and transform that into something real. In a very practical sense - our clients goals are the pivot point by which any branding and promotional strategy must form. However just as a pivot point does not have to be in the centre, changing the way that we look at a clients goals can result in radical transformations. Sometimes this means approaching your goals from a different angle, or it may even mean redefining what those goals are. We try to do this in an authentic way, by ensuring integrity in our approach and honesty about expected outcomes as these values are pivotal to our philosophy about how and why we do what we do.

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